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  • Ten Non-Scalable Ways of GTM for Early Stage Companies

    When it comes to marketing for early stage startups, the first thought is typically to create scalable strategies. However, there are times when non-scalable methods can be just as effective, or even more so. Here are ten non-scalable ways of go-to-market (GTM) for early stage companies: While these methods may not be scalable, they can […]

  • Tata Consumer – A Global Story?

    Tata Consumer acquired a number of companies in the US, UK and Africa, for which they were criticized for over a decade. There were valid reasons for the same, they were not able to digest the rapid acquisitions and had a number of issues getting those companies to profitability. The recent annual report gives a […]

  • When was the last time you did something for the first time?

    Staying in the comfort zone is … well, comfortable. You do something that you have done many times before, and you do it better. You are comfortable, you have the confidence, and you do it well. Why would anyone try anything new? You try something new because you have to. When your current strategy, current […]

  • Ask Atul : What has been your biggest career mistake?

    The biggest career mistake I have made is to assume that there is something called career mistake. Let me explain. When we use the word “career mistake”, we are referring to an incident in our lives when we took a certain decision that turned out to be “wrong” later. It may be that we rejected a […]

  • Finance and Investing Books

    Over the last thirty years, I have read several finance and investing books. Finance and Investing is not only interesting, but is a very important topic for anyone who wants to lead a balanced life, doing what one wants to do. It includes personal finance, portfolio design and stock picking. I have made a list […]

  • Small things

    It is the tiny habits that become one’s nature. It is very important to be disciplined in every day things.

  • Nudge

    Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein argued in their influential book, “Nudge”, that if we redesign our daily environment in such a way that it makes it easier to do things that we want to do and more difficult to do things that we want, it is more likely that our behavior would change in the […]

  • Establishing A Daily Routine

    One of the essential practices in the vein of Slow Compounding is to establish a daily routine. Daily routine is essentially a set of activities that you do every day and have specific time market out or a specific goal chalked out. Most successful creative artists have a rigorous daily routine that they practice for decades. One […]

  • The perpetual amateur

    Kids and Adults – A Contrast From the balcony of my house, I can see the kids’ playground. It is fun observing kids play for hours, seemingly achieving nothing, trying the same thing over and over and still having so much fun. It is instructive to contrast that behavior with the group of adults. Just […]

  • Kumar Mangalam Birla on 2020

    Kumar Mangalam Birla, in his 2020 letter on linkedin, reproduced here makes some very interesting points about the impact of the pandemic on the businesses and draws some insightful conclusions. Corporations are Citizens that count Perhaps uniquely, the crisis also brought to fore the regenerative and stabilising power of large corporations. Especially the ones with the ability […]