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  • Does Your Financial Planner Think That Early Retirement is Not Possible?

    It is a common misconception that full retirement is not possible before age 62. Many financial planners believe that those who desire to retire earlier than the traditional retirement age may never be able to realize their dreams. But is this really the case? It is true that there are certain financial considerations to take […]

  • Three Steps that can help you achieve Financial Freedom

    Financial freedom -one of the most sought-after financial goals in life Personal finance is mystified by financial advisors assessing your financial situation. They would not agree on what financial freedom means, but the phrase “Financial freedom” itself gives a clue about what it is. It is, in plain english, being financially free. It is building […]

  • Tata Consumer – A Global Story?

    Tata Consumer acquired a number of companies in the US, UK and Africa, for which they were criticized for over a decade. There were valid reasons for the same, they were not able to digest the rapid acquisitions and had a number of issues getting those companies to profitability. The recent annual report gives a […]

  • Book Review – Your Money or Your Life

    “Your Money or Your Life” has such a simple message, that you may end up thinking, “Why didn’t I think of this before?”, yet, behind that simplicity is a profound truth about the role of money in our life. Most of us take the value of money for granted, with that also the message, the […]

  • Finance and Investing Books

    Over the last thirty years, I have read several finance and investing books. Finance and Investing is not only interesting, but is a very important topic for anyone who wants to lead a balanced life, doing what one wants to do. It includes personal finance, portfolio design and stock picking. I have made a list […]

  • Small things

    It is the tiny habits that become one’s nature. It is very important to be disciplined in every day things.

  • Kumar Mangalam Birla on 2020

    Kumar Mangalam Birla, in his 2020 letter on linkedin, reproduced┬áhere┬ámakes some very interesting points about the impact of the pandemic on the businesses and draws some insightful conclusions. Corporations are Citizens that count Perhaps uniquely, the crisis also brought to fore the regenerative and stabilising power of large corporations. Especially the ones with the ability […]

  • Asset Allocation and Diversification

    There is a lot of research on how much of the typical returns of funds are from Asset Allocation and how much are from performance of individual asset. The general consensus is that “Asset allocation determines the majority of returns”. Some researchers put it to the extent of 90% of the returns. Wow! Is that […]

  • Why is Bill Gates buying farmland?

    There were several media reports that Bill Gates, the owner of Microsoft and one of the richest people in the world, was now the biggest owner of Farmland in the world. The question is why he is doing so? His core strength is the world of technology and there are many opportunities in the technology […]

  • Slow Compounding

    In this great Youtube video, Chamath talks about a very important phenomenon for success in any field. He talks about the ability to get extraordinary returns on capital as an ability to work on hard problems in an unique way over a very long time horizon making very small but consistent progress year on year. […]