Category: Business

  • Asset Allocation and Diversification

    There is a lot of research on how much of the typical returns of funds are from Asset Allocation and how much are from performance of individual asset. The general consensus is that “Asset allocation determines the majority of returns”. Some researchers put it to the extent of 90% of the returns. Wow! Is that […]

  • Why is Bill Gates buying farmland?

    There were several media reports that Bill Gates, the owner of Microsoft and one of the richest people in the world, was now the biggest owner of Farmland in the world. The question is why he is doing so? His core strength is the world of technology and there are many opportunities in the technology […]

  • Slow Compounding

    In this great Youtube video, Chamath talks about a very important phenomenon for success in any field. He talks about the ability to get extraordinary returns on capital as an ability to work on hard problems in an unique way over a very long time horizon making very small but consistent progress year on year. […]

  • What is Marketing? (Old Article)

    (Please note that all the articles pointed as (Old Article) are written during my earlier stint of blogging, in 2000-2007) and hence may sound a little dated. But the principles behind them are intact) “Because let’s face it, friends, as marketers we are in the business of mindfully structuring appearances and messages to create an […]