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  • Does Your Financial Planner Think That Early Retirement is Not Possible?

    It is a common misconception that full retirement is not possible before age 62. Many financial planners believe that those who desire to retire earlier than the traditional retirement age may never be able to realize their dreams. But is this really the case? It is true that there are certain financial considerations to take […]

  • Three Steps that can help you achieve Financial Freedom

    Financial freedom -one of the most sought-after financial goals in life Personal finance is mystified by financial advisors assessing your financial situation. They would not agree on what financial freedom means, but the phrase “Financial freedom” itself gives a clue about what it is. It is, in plain english, being financially free. It is building […]

  • Reclaim Your Inner Entrepreneur

    I am happy to announce my book, “Reclaim Your Inner Entrepreneur”, now available on Amazon for purchase. How do you go about starting a company? What are the traits of a successful entrepreneur? Should I seek funding before I go to market? What if I fail? Will I have a career? These, and many other […]

  • Can Flow be a worthwhile goal?

    People all over the world report being frustrated with their job. In this report about the office workers in UK, 97% of people reported frustration with work. When you ask people why they continue to work in the job that cause them being frustrated, the most common reason is that of money and security. In the modern […]

  • Why is Bill Gates buying farmland?

    There were several media reports that Bill Gates, the owner of Microsoft and one of the richest people in the world, was now the biggest owner of Farmland in the world. The question is why he is doing so? His core strength is the world of technology and there are many opportunities in the technology […]

  • Wittgenstein’s Rule Following Paradox

    In Philosophical Investigations and even in the Remarks on the Foundations of Mathematics, Wittgenstein talks about the contradictions in the “Rule Following” paradigm of human knowledge, epistemology and linguistics. The idea he is trying to address here is the idea that says that language is essentially a set of rules that try to communicate the […]

  • Blogging and Me

    I was probably India’s first blogger, starting my blog in early 1999. There was something about blogging that attracted me immensely. The feeling of letting out your thoughts without editing was enticing. The immediacy and the informality of blogging was akin to the conversations you have with friends. Through blogging, I discovered punk rock, indie […]

  • Geeks Vs Suits (Old Post)

    Who is a better choice for managing a software business? A person whose primary background is technology or whose primary background is management(mostly sales or marketing). In this article Joel seems to prefer geeks over suits but cautions that geeks have also screwed up in managing or scaling up companies, the prime example being Netscape. […]