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Reclayu is the combination of two words, Reclaim + Ayu. Ayu in sanskrit means life. Thus Reclayu stands from "Reclaim Your Life". Modern life, with its challenges, had made an individual feel helpless. It makes them feel they lack control over their own life. Reclayu plans to address this pressing issue. It plans to give its members tools in terms of books, webinars, courses, videos and workshops, to help them reclaim the control on their own lives.

The issues chosen are relevant to the modern times. The concept of a job is changing rapidly. The stability and the tenure that people took for granted, is a thing of the past. It is important therefore, for everyone to think like an entrepreneur. It is also important for one to think about their own financial well being, since the steady income from a job is something they can not take for granted any longer. These two, along with other important things like creativity, finding the right career, and importance of writing, form the subjects of the first few topics of Reclayu's content. You can become a member to get regular updates and a free book.

The founder of Reclayu is Atul Yadav, an IIT Mumbai and IIM Lucknow graduate. Atul is an investor, entrepreneur, writer and mentor. You can find out more about him at his website.

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